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Related article: He dosed his eyes and tried to dismiss the whole argument, restless emotions live, call memory. Humane Society, the greenhouse effect, waste disposals, now what ? How I lost my virginity? Six beloved holiday? Themailman the thing I was thinking about the damn mailman. " Mom, maybe the car will start now. " "Honey, I have fear of trying, because the battery is low. " " But we're sitting there," he said in an angry tone and tired and cranky. "What does it mean when the same battery is low or not, if we sit here ?Try it ! " "Do not go, my job, kid, or me. Whipped ass to her for you! " ducked away from his voice hoarse, angry, and cursed again. It s is chopped... So who could blame him? In addition, he was right. That's what I really made them angry. But Tad did not understand the real reason for not want to try the engine again, fearing that would lead to was the dog. I was afraid that it seemsd bring Cujo, and more than anything he did not want to , dass with gravity, turn the key in the ignition. Pinto engine crank very now, slowly, with a draggy, protesting sound. h coughed twice, but no fire. turn the key and honked. There was a low fog horn that is not likely to contribute about fifty yards, much less the house at the bottom of the hill. "simple," he said cheerfully, and cruel. " Are you happy? Good. " Tad began to mourn. It began, as it always reminded, when was a baby : the drawing of a mouth bow trembling, shedding tears over his cheek, even before the first sob. She pulled him to her said, regret, said he would not be bad, it was just that she was angry also said that just as soon as you get mad that s to him to carry home and wash her hair. And the thought Afighting opportunity, a better woman than your mother. Sure. Sure, kid. They just like them. This is exactly the kind of thing I would say in a situation of as this. If you feel bad, what it does is spread the misery to share wealth. Well, like mother, like daughter, right? And maybe, if Tad grows in the same way you feel as you feel " Why is it so hot, Mom ?" Asked Tad properly. "The greenhouse effect," she replied, without even thinking about it. that was not until, and she knew it. If this is in no sense a final exam of motherhood - or even adults - then the banners n test. How much time was put in this way? Fifteen hours in the same more. And she was coming down, to crumble. " I can get a Dr. Pepper when we get home, Mom? " Words monster, sweaty and wrinkled, lay limp in her lap. " All you can drink," he said, hugging him tightly. But the feeling of your body n was surprisingly out of wood. It should not have shouted, thought dispersed. whenonly I had not cried. , but this would make it better, she promised. Since the Fool n would be along soon. ' muh I think the - I think the dog eat us, "said Tad. begun to respond and then did not. Cujo was not there yet. The sound of the Buy Frumil no Pinto engine brought him instantly. Maybe he fell asleep. perhaps had a stroke and died. That would be wonderful... especially if you is a slow contraction. A painful. He saw the back door again. was so tempting in the vicinity. it was locked. She was safe now. if people was found. It would be presumptuous to try the door, , especially with the mailman, because as soon. Play like real, Vic sometimes said. it would. because itwas real time. it is best to assume that the dog was still alive, and only within this half-open garage doors. situated in the shade. the idea of the shadow made ​​him salivate. was almost November 00 tHenne. That was about 45 minutes later, as , discovered something in the grass at the edge of the Tad 's car. another 15 minutes of tests convinced them he was an old